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ExpressJet has been a long time supporter of organizations that advance the aviation careers of women and minority groups, like Women in Aviation International (WAI). When Georgia Governor Nathan Deal officially proclaimed Sept. 26 as Georgia’s first annual Girls in Aviation Day, we jumped at the opportunity to support this great event.

“The WAI Atlanta chapter hosted a full day of activities at Conyers Middle School for more than 100 girls ages 8 to 16 to recognize the day,” said Captain Andrea Weeks, an ExpressJet pilot and recruiter who also serves as WAI “Gone with the Wind” Chapter membership chair. “I’m so proud that my company was the Diamond Sponsor for the event. Their support made this event happen, and I know the event made a positive impact on the attendees.”

The girls spent the morning meeting aviation and aerospace professionals, and learning about the expansive career paths available in the industry. High school WAI chapter members interacted with attendees and served as an example to their peers that early careers in aviation are possible for women. Civil Air Patrol and Middle Georgia State University were onsite to provide program information and next steps for girls who wanted to get involved, and girls were able to interact with female pilots.

“We were very excited to show the girls the opportunities available to them in the field of aviation and help them follow the next steps in their career,” said Andrea. “Everyone had a great time learning about STEM careers available to them. I think we might see a few of the girls in our new hire pilots classes in a couple years!”

Women in Aviation International (WAI) has been providing networking, education, mentorship, and scholarship opportunities to women and men striving toward careers in aviation and aerospace for nearly 25 years. This year WAI and its global chapters celebrated Girls in Aviation Day on Sept. 26, charging each chapter to host events for the day and petition state representatives to officially recognize the date as well. State Rep. Mandi Ballinger, R-Ga., championed the cause and helped make it official in Georgia.

The Atlanta Chapter of WAI is open to men and women with a full range of aviation backgrounds including pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, aviation safety specialists, aviation insurance executives, airport managers, airport operations and emergency response managers, and dispatchers. If you have interest in getting involved with the organization or any of their activities visit


Girls learn how engineering and design work hand in hand


The Young Women of the Atlanta WAI Gone with the Wind Chapter giving tips and information on how they got started


A Girl Scout troop engaged in learning all about the behind-the-scenes career path of aviation maintenance/tech ops


Girls learn the nuts and bolts of aircraft maintenance


Incident Management & Hazardous Materials team teaches the girls how chemical safety is very important in the aviation industry


Aircraft dispatcher Julie showcases how her role fits into daily operations and air traffic safety


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ATLANTA – ExpressJet Airlines (“ExpressJet”) is excited to announce a partnership with JetBlue Airways (“JetBlue”) through the JetBlue University Gateway Program (“Gateway”) to offer qualified students and current pilots a clear pathway to a career at JetBlue.

The partnership expands on an earlier agreement with JetBlue to create three distinct pathways from an
Aviation Accreditation Board International (“AABI”) partner school to ExpressJet to JetBlue:

ExpressJet to JetBlue: Graduate AABI partner school and serve as a flight instructor for one year to meet Airline Transport Pilot (“ATP”)/Restricted Airline Transport Pilot (“R-ATP”) minimums >> Serve as a first officer at ExpressJet for at least 3,000 hours and 36 months for at least 4,000 hours total flight time >> Interview and begin training at JetBlue

ExpressJet to Cape Air to JetBlue: Graduate AABI partner school and serve as a flight instructor for one year to meet ATP/R-ATP minimums >> Serve as a first officer at ExpressJet for at least 1,800 hours and 24 months >> Serve as a captain at Cape Air for at least 1,000 hours and 12 months for at least 3,800 hours total flight time >> Interview and begin training at JetBlue

Cape Air to ExpressJet to JetBlue: Graduate AABI partner school and serve as a flight instructor for one year >> Serve as a captain at Cape Air for at least 1,000 hours and 18 months >> Serve as a first officer at ExpressJet for at least 1,800 hours and 18 months for at least 3,800 hours total flight time >> Interview and begin training at JetBlue

In addition, this new partnership will offer current ExpressJet pilots who meet all program requirements an additional option for career advancement.

“ExpressJet and JetBlue share similar values and a dedication to hiring highly qualified pilots, making our partnership both a good culture fit as well as mutually beneficial for each airline and our pilots,” said Brad Sheehan, senior vice president of Operations – ExpressJet Airlines. “We’re excited to introduce this new partnership to further solidify ExpressJet as the best regional airline for collegiate aviators to begin their careers.”

The new ExpressJet pathways join the long-standing partnership between Cape Air and JetBlue. The
Cape Air to JetBlue pathway requires graduation from an AABI partner school, flight instructor experience and at least 2,500 hours and 24 months at Cape Air for at least 3,200 total flight hours, plus a jet transition course before an interview at JetBlue.

Pilots in the Gateway program must meet a defined set of criteria, including regular performance reviews, and successfully complete new hire interviews at each airline in the path they choose. In addition, for the University Gateway Program, pilots must attend Auburn University, Bridgewater State University, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (Daytona and Prescott campuses), Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, Jacksonville University and the University of North Dakota. For the Advanced Gateway, pilots who graduated with an accredited major and flight training from any AABI school are eligible.

For more information, visit

Please see the PDF version for the complete release.


My path to ExpressJet was anything but typical. Before I was able to call myself First Officer Tanner Johnson on ExpressJet Airlines’ Embraer 145, I was a student at Kent State University. When I graduated in August of 2010, circumstances prevented me from following the conventional path of becoming a flight instructor right after graduation.

At the time, the flight schools were saturated with instructors and airlines were just beginning to ramp up their hiring. The unfavorable environment of the industry caused me to seek other opportunities that would allow me to touch the world of aviation that I loved, just from a different perspective. Prior to becoming a first officer with ExpressJet, I worked as a customer service agent and ramp attendant for US Airways affiliate Piedmont Airlines and later a first officer there. Each position allowed me to gain a better understanding of the different roles at an airline and how they factor into a flight’s success. I still appreciate those experiences, and frequently reference them in my role as a first officer. Although I did not end up as an airline pilot through the same channels as most, I know that the experience made me a well-rounded candidate.

The vibrant culture, great work rules and growth opportunities at ExpressJet led me to leave Piedmont. When considering the switch, I noted many of my former instructors and friends from Kent State were working as ExpressJet pilots and enjoyed their work environment. I wanted to follow their paths.  While I wouldn’t normally recommend switching to another regional, for me it was a huge step forward in my quality of life. From training and culture to work rules, I cannot think of a better decision I have made for my career than to join the ExpressJet team. It truly has been a rewarding experience for me both personally and professionally.

I would like to offer a word of advice to those interested in an aviation career. I have learned that to be competitive in this industry, you have to remain committed to being more than a pilot, and I implore you to do just that.

When working for a regional you are a brand ambassador not only for your airline, but for your partner airlines as well. While the safe operation of each flight is the most important aspect of stepping into the flight deck, working together with gate agents, dispatchers, ramp personnel and even passengers all factor into the equation of being a successful pilot. Gaining customer service skills at the start of my aviation career was an invaluable experience that equipped me with the tools I needed to go above-and-beyond for our customers on a daily basis. You must tap into your own skills and unique experience to do the same.

I encourage you to be intentional about making yourself visible to everyone throughout the airline, not just the crews you fly with. With this career path comes the opportunity for continuous growth because you can learn something from every individual you encounter.

Finally, always remember that when you put on your uniform you are more than a pilot. You represent your own hard work and dedication, but you are also the face of every one of your coworkers working behind-the-scenes to make ExpressJet successful. Wear the wings proudly.


ExpressJet Airlines is excited to announce a multi-phase partnership with Boldmethod, a digital aviation media company, to give readers an inside look at regional airline operations. Boldmethod is a landmark company that is transforming how aviation professionals and enthusiasts understand the aviation industry. The alliance utilizes Boldmethod’s industry-leading online teaching methods to educate, engage and empower future aviators in an innovative way.

The collaboration will focus on regional airline operations, an inside look at aviation professions and tips on beginning your aviation career. We’re looking forward to launching the first three segments in the series over the coming months:

First Flight of the Day: The first feature encompasses all the tasks that are associated with preparing for the first flight of the day, including maintenance preparation, pilot preflight and safety checks, flight attendant cabin prep, ramp operations and, finally, take off.

Pilot Interview: ExpressJet and Boldmethod take audiences through a typical pilot interview experience. The feature integrates the standard aviation interview experience with a culture that is unique to ExpressJet.

ATP CTP Course: Aviation enthusiasts will find the answers to questions regarding the ATP CTP course instruction, get an in-depth look at ExpressJet’s training program – the only part 121 carrier to offer the training in-house – and tag along as a pilot trainee completes the flight simulator portion of the course.

“We take pride in leading the industry in outreach to both future and current aviation professionals,” said Brad Sheehan, senior vice president of Operations at ExpressJet. “The partnership with Boldmethod builds upon the existing priorities of ExpressJet: educating, engaging and empowering the future of aviation to prepare them for a successful, long-term career. We’re confident that partnering with Boldmethod will enhance our reach to educate and inspire the next generation.”

“Aviation is an amazing career field, but getting an in-depth look into an airline career can be nearly impossible,” said Aleks Udris, co-founder of Boldmethod. “Together with ExpressJet, we’re producing stories that give future aviators an inside view of the airline world. We’re showing people what it takes to push a flight out on time – from the flight deck to the operations tower.  We’re walking through an interview process, to help people prepare for any aviation interview, and we’re looking in-depth at training, starting with the ATP Certification Training Program (ATP CTP).”

“We know an inside view of the industry will show how amazing aviation is, inspiring more students to start aviation careers,” said Colin Cutler, co-founder of Boldmethod. “We want pilots to understand what large aircraft training includes, helping them prepare for the next step in their careers.”

Our partnership will allow for aspiring airline pilots, aviation students and professional enthusiasts to learn more about ExpressJet and the airline industry through Boldmethod’s sharable, digital flight training content. The features created as a result of the partnership will be available to ExpressJet and Boldmethod audiences online.

About ExpressJet Airlines
Headquartered in Atlanta, ExpressJet Airlines, a wholly owned subsidiary of SkyWest, Inc., is a regional airline leader with 8,400 aviation professionals, an average of more than 1,800 daily flights and an all-jet fleet of 332 aircraft. Through capacity purchase agreements, ExpressJet operates as American Eagle, Delta Connection and United Express to serve 187 airports in the U.S., Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean.

About Boldmethod
Boldmethod is an online aviation media company with a half-million monthly viewers.  We produce daily stories, quizzes and posts that will teach you to fly, make you laugh, and remind you why you love aviation.  Some of it’s educational, some of it’s just plain fun.



On Thursday, SkyWest, Inc., ExpressJet’s parent company, held its Q2 2015 earnings call. SkyWest, Inc. reported their best financial quarter since 2008, with a net income of $31.5 million dollars, ending the quarter with over $500 million dollars in cash reserves.

Pilots beginning their career have many factors to consider when choosing where to work –  base locations, quality of life, pay, upgrade time, aircraft type – but the long-term financial stability of the airline is one of the most important factors to consider. We are proud to say that ExpressJet, as part of Skywest, Inc., leads the industry in many of these categories, especially our focus on long term financial stability and operational success.

One of the primary drivers for the company’s financial success is the reliability of our product. ExpressJet Airlines has continued to be the industry leader in operational performance: our controllable completion  performance has topped all United Express carriers for the last 12 months and counting, and we’re a top-tier performer for Delta Connection and American Eagle.

SkyWest, Inc. President Chip Childs credited ExpressJet’s employees with our success: “I can’t say enough about the operating performance and what the [ExpressJet] teams have done out there to be, candidly, the best in the industry.”

“Every decision we make is for the long-term stability of our company, which in turn benefits the people who make ExpressJet a success,” said COO Alex Marren. “We have  a great team of aviation professionals who provide safe, reliable and enjoyable flights every day for our passengers. Working together, we will continue to improve and make ExpressJet an even better company.”

More ExpressJet pilots are hired by the majors than any other airline, offering opportunity to those who wish to move up in their careers. Pilots seeking to make ExpressJet a long-term career are able to have confidence in the financial stability of our airline. All of our pilots fly with the best.

Are you ready to start your career at ExpressJet or want to learn more? Visit and complete the contact form to have an ExpressJet pilot reach out to you.

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