CA Peter Loveitt Retirement 2

Captain Peter Loveitt (far right) with his crew

Newark-based Captain Peter Loveitt retires today after more than 38 years at ExpressJet. He holds the number one spot on the ERJ seniority list, his employee number is 10, and he has been a pilot for nearly 50 years.

“I’ve loved aviation since I was a kid,” said Peter. “I started flying when I was 16 and got my private pilot license just after high school. After that, I went to school for aviation maintenance and proudly served with the 101st airborne in Vietnam before returning to Fort Benning, Ga., where I finished the rest of my flight training. I joined Bar Harbor Airlines in March of 1977 and the rest is history.”

Bar Harbor is one of the many airlines that became what is now ExpressJet. Bar Harbor operated in the New England area, Peter’s home.

“I was born and raised in Maine, still live there in fact, so Bar Harbor was close to home which was important to me. It was a lot simpler back then. We worked hard flying the Cessna 402 or Beech 99, operating a few routes in New England. The growth of our airline and the increasing complexity of our operation have been tremendous. We’ve gone from small aircraft to sophisticated jets; a few routes to 2,000 flights per day.”

The size and scope of our operation, from a small family-owned airline to the world’s largest regional, was the most extraordinary change Peter’s seen in his time with ExpressJet, but it’s what has stayed the same that’s most important.

“I’ve stayed here because of the people. The people I work with, everyone who is involved in this company, they make ExpressJet a great place to work. My years working with pilots as a check airman/instructor were some of the most rewarding.”

Peter also credits ExpressJet’s work rules and management as a reason he built his career here.

“ExpressJet also offered me the quality of life I wanted, and that’s big for me. I wanted to be there to raise my children. Staying here worked out well. I’m very pleased with my career. I could have gone on to bigger and better things, but I’m proud to work for a good company. It’s been a good ride.”

Peter flew his last trip on July 20, a round trip from his Newark base to Cincinnati with his wife, Deb, on board. The Newark team arranged a water cannon salute as he taxied and met him at the gate with a warm welcome.

“They gave me a nice welcome here in EWR with a gathering with a cake in the crew lounge. It was a good day for my final flight – the weather was beautiful – but I’m going to miss ExpressJet and the people. My time here has just been amazing. For a little boy from Maine, this has been an amazing journey.”

After retirement, Peter plans to spend as much time outside as possible, hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, boating and woodworking.

CA Peter Loveitt Retirement

Water cannon salute as Captain Loveitt lands in Newark on his final trip

07-17 ATL Open House-1

More than 400 visitors attended our Houston and Atlanta Open Houses  to get a behind-the-scenes look at ExpressJet Airlines. Attendees toured our facilities, met with recruiters, flight schools, our chief pilots and United First Officer Afton, piloted a takeoff and landing in our flight simulators, and learned about ExpressJet and the airline industry straight from the professionals.

“I had a very good day today. I met so many pilots and all of them shared some good advice on how I can reach my goal of becoming a pilot. I also got a chance to fly a professional flight simulator!” said attendee DeJion E.

Attendees took off and landed in our on-site flight simulator used to train ExpressJet pilots and met with our chief pilots, recruiters and EPIC Ambassadors. Current and future airline pilots also talked with United Airlines First Officer Afton to learn first-hand about the progression from a top regional like ExpressJet to a major.  Several flight schools were in attendance to meet with students about available aviation programs and flight training. The event also featured a tour of our facilities and allowed visitors to learn the many different areas that go into operating a successful airline, including the Maintenance hangar, Operations Control Center, training classrooms and engine shop.

If you didn’t make it out this time, keep an eye out for future Open Houses in Atlanta and Houston – you won’t want to miss it!

07-10 IAH Pilot Recruiting-2-1-207-10 IAH Pilot Recruiting-2-1

07-10 IAH Pilot Recruiting-2-407-10 IAH Pilot Recruiting-2-3-2

Houston open house107-10 IAH Pilot Recruiting-2-2

07-17 ATL Open House-2307-17 ATL Open House-5

07-17 ATL Open House-2707-17 ATL Open House-32

07-17 ATL Open House-7007-17 ATL Open House-13


ExpressJet Airlines is pleased to announce an Open House event at our Atlanta headquarters on July 17-18, 2015 from 8 a.m.- 6 p.m. EST. Aspiring airline pilots and aviation students, professionals and enthusiasts of all ages are encouraged to attend.

This event is a great chance to learn more about ExpressJet and the airline industry, and enjoy a beautiful view of the runways at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Attendees will have the opportunity to speak directly with our chief pilots and recruiters, meet flight schools and flight instructors, and experience our professional flight simulators used to train ExpressJet pilots. The event will also feature a tour of our facilities, free admittance into the Delta Flight Museum located down the street from our hangar, as well as the opportunity to meet with ATP Flight School, the largest flight training company in the United States.

Flight experience is not necessary to fly the simulator, but guests must sign up for a session at The event will take place at 990 Toffie Terrace, Atlanta, GA 30354.

Our Vice President of Flight Operations, Brad Sheehan, answers questions we’ve received through our social media channels. He answers the tough questions and shares how we’re making our airline better for our team members and the next generation of ExpressJet pilots.

Brad Sheehan named ExpressJet vice president of Flight Operations

Brad Sheehan, vice president – Flight Operations

What is ExpressJet’s upgrade time?
Brad: The future of ExpressJet is bright, especially for our new pilots. Pilots hired today will likely upgrade in four years with our current fleet plan, and any additional or extended aircraft will shorten it further.

What is the signing bonus at ExpressJet?
Brad: We currently offer a $7,500 signing bonus to CRJ or ERJ type-rated pilots. We offer our new hire pilots the best training in the industry, paid ATP CTP on-site, a mature contract that focuses on quality of life, and the best flow through to the majors of all regional airlines. I believe that when deciding where to build your career, it’s important to consider your future opportunity in the long term.

Are ExpressJet pilots hired by the majors without PIC time?
Brad: Yes. Almost half of our pilots who advance their careers to the majors each month are first officers, and the majors hire more ExpressJet pilots than any other regional. We are the largest United Express and Delta Connection carrier, have a solid safety and training record, and we’re one of the best performing regional airlines; the mainlines appreciate that.

How much does a first year pilot make at ExpressJet?
Brad: It’s no secret that first year pay for a regional pilot is lower than you’d like, but pay at ExpressJet is more than just minimum guarantee. For example, you’re paid for deadheads and cancellations, ExpressJet pays 70-75% of top medical plans to keep you and your family healthy, we share our operational rewards quarterly with our employee group and we have dozens of other perks for our people.

Is ExpressJet parking planes?
Brad: We’ve been working proactively with our mainline partners to restructure our fleet to make ExpressJet more profitable. While we are parking older, less profitable planes, we’ve doubled our American Eagle fleet to over 30 planes just this month.

Where are your crew bases?
Brad: ExpressJet has some of the most commutable and desirable bases in the country: IAH, ORD, CLE, EWR and DFW for our ERJ fleet, and ATL, DTW and DFW for our CRJ fleet. In several of our crew bases, we are the only regional carrier which means a lot in today’s world.

What does ExpressJet’s future look like?
Brad: We intend to hire and upgrade 40 pilots a month, which allows us to cut current upgrade time by more than half for those getting hired today. We are working out details around pathway programs and partnerships with leading flight schools, universities and other partners who recognize the value in both short- and long-term strategies. It will take some time for the pilot seeds we are planting today to grow, but we know they will and we will continue to be on the leading edge of innovation in this industry, ready for the next generation of pilots.

Why should I choose ExpressJet over other regionals?
Brad: Unlike many of our competitors who offer only speed, we represent one of the last few mature regional airlines. Certainly some will doubt our sincerity or capability, but we continue to trend in a positive direction and I believe that makes us a stable company poised to grow.

As each month this year goes by, our story gets stronger. ExpressJet is a stable, mature company that continues to exceed expectations and has a clear future in the industry. With a vision for our success and a plan to get it done, we have a bright future in the industry, and pilots joining our team will be poised to realize the career benefits of our success.


To learn more about a career at ExpressJet, visit

Delta First Officer Justin Place shares how his experience as a pilot at ExpressJet prepared him for his dream career at Delta Air Lines.

02-27 Justin Place-13


As they say, “hindsight is 20/20,” and I am in a unique position to be able to look back and reflect on the decisions I’ve made to get to this point in my career. Joining ExpressJet (then Atlantic Southeast Airlines) in 2007 was one of the best decisions I’ve made thus far. The eight years I spent there were a significant part of a solid foundation for a long career in aviation, and the perfect segue to my career goal of working for Delta Air Lines.

ExpressJet undoubtedly gives you the tools required to be successful no matter what your career aspirations are. ExpressJet’s training department is by far one of the best kept secrets of our industry. From day one, I was impressed by the quality of instruction and the professionals providing the training. They are not there to simply meet the FAA minimum requirements but to prepare you to operate proficiently in technically advanced aircraft flying in the unique demands of both modern domestic and varying international airspace systems. They’re able to do so because of the vast wealth of knowledge and experience gained over years of flying at ExpressJet themselves. If you need additional proof, look no further than their recent certification as the first part 121 passenger-carrying airline to offer the ATP CTP course for new-hires.

However, our industry today is much more than getting from point A to point B, and ExpressJet goes well beyond simply training you on the technical skills of flying an airplane. They also focus on how to provide some of the best customer service possible, and that starts with hiring great people. By far the best part of working for ExpressJet Airlines is the people you work beside. The aviation industry is a small, close-knit group, and it’s great to see a friendly face no matter what airport you are walking through. The life-long relationships built at ExpressJet will continue to reward you in the future, both personally and professionally, as they have done so for me.

The next step in my career with Delta Air Lines is flying their Boeing 757/ 767 aircraft out of New York City, both domestically and internationally. I look forward to the new challenges as they present themselves, but I do so knowing I’m well prepared by the experiences and skills learned at ExpressJet Airlines.

Thanks for the memories,

Delta First Officer Justin Place

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