Ryan Carter with instructor Ty Gardener who developed ExpressJet’s  ATP CTP course

In November, ExpressJet was the first passenger-carrying airline to receive FAA certification to offer the ATP CTP course in-house. This means our new hires can take this required course at no cost instead of paying thousands to take the class on their own. Our first student, new hire Ryan Carter, finished the course and will be out on the line once he finishes training!

As a corporate charter pilot for 12 years, Ryan thought the transition to regional airlines would be an easy career move. What he didn’t count on was one test with a tiny acronym and a big price tag: the Airline Transport Pilot certification training program (ATP CTP).

“Being a corporate pilot doesn’t require an ATP CTP,” said Ryan. “That certification didn’t apply to me, so I didn’t think about it.”

That quickly changed when he decided to further his career at a regional airline. Ryan learned he would have to pay $5,000 – $6,000 for the certification that would start him on his new career path. Luckily for him, and all the other aspiring regional pilots, ExpressJet recently got certified to teach the ATP CTP course in-house as part of a pilot’s new-hire training.

“When I learned that ExpressJet offered this course for free, it was a big relief. I’m so glad I decided to begin my career here,” Ryan said.

Ryan started the course this month as a new-hire CRJ pilot for ExpressJet, and quickly realized that it offered him a lot more than a financial break and necessary certification.

“The course has been a great introduction into the environment here,” said Ryan. “I get to ask all the questions I want because I’m in a small classroom setting. It’s a bigger transition than I thought moving to a regional jet, and I’m thankful I’ve been able to take this course at the airline I’ll be joining.”

Ryan’s not the only one who’s learning from this experience. As part of the first group to ever take our ATP CTP course, ExpressJet instructors like Ty Gardener are looking to Ryan’s feedback to continue to evolve the course.

“It’s always important to get feedback when you develop a program, so I definitely want Ryan’s opinion,” said Ty Gardner, instructor – ExpressJet Flight Ops Training. “Ultimately, we want this course to be more than a way to get your certification; we want it to be a better place to start your training.”

If Ryan has a say, the ATP CTP course may have already achieved Ty’s goal.

“Everything’s been great so far, and I’m sure it’ll get better,” said Ryan.


‘Tis the season for thinking of others, a tradition ExpressJet people have long held. With more than 9,000 employees at 10 crew bases and 17 Maintenance locations, our people have a lot of opportunity to give back to their communities.

“I am continuously amazed by the generosity of our people,” said Cathy Harris, vice president – People Resources. “From donating toys for needy children, to raising funds for various charities, to collecting toiletries and canned foods for those less fortunate, our people are always looking for ways to support our communities.”

This year our people across the country participated in dozens of drives, events and fundraisers to help those less fortunate. While our people participate in charitable activities year-round (Bert’s Big Adventure, Locks of Love, Movember and breast cancer walks just to name a few), here’s a snapshot of how our people are giving back this holiday season:

Shreveport raises $3,167 for Muscular Dystrophy Association in one day

Our Shreveport Maintenance base decided to host a “lock in” on Dec. 10 to raise funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. A lock in is where volunteers get “locked up” and have to raise money to “bail themselves out.” The team set “bail” at $200 and chose 14 volunteers, in two shifts, to post photos of themselves behind bars on their social media pages to ask for “bail money.” The goal was to raise $2,400 which the team beat by $757 for a total raised of $3,167. The MDA was so excited by ExpressJet’s contributions that they sent a giant check, organization representatives and, most importantly, a 5-year-old boy with muscular dystrophy to the hangar for a presentation ceremony.


Crew Planning & Training Scheduling departments adopt two families for Secret Santa Christmas

To say our Crew Planning and Training Scheduling departments love holidays is an understatement. From Halloween to St. Patty’s Day, to birthdays and Christmas, they go all out. A long-standing tradition is Secret Santa where the 21-person team exchange names and purchase gifts, in secret, for each other. This year, the team decided to purchase gifts for a needy family instead of treating each other. They “adopted” two underprivileged families through Families First, an Atlanta-based charity, and purchased clothing, necessities, toys and games for four adults and seven children ranging in age from two to ten. They set a $30 limit (which nearly everyone broke) and purchased dozens of gifts to make this Christmas special for the families.


ExpressJet people donate 600+ gifts to Toys for Tots

A long-standing tradition at ExpressJet is partnering with Toys for Tots to give gifts to those less fortunate. From Secret Santa Pilot, whose family anonymously donates 150+ toys each year, to our ATL crew base which has donated 2,204 toys since 2008, to the Uhaul full of toys and 45 bikes donated to Toys for Tots at our headquarters right now – ExpressJet cares about the kids. This year team members in Atlanta, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston and Chicago filled boxes with toys to donate to local kids.


Knoxville collected canned goods for Second Harvest Food Bank

Our Maintenance team in Knoxville always participates in a charitable organization over the holidays, and this year they collected non-perishables and canned food donations for people in need. Our teams in Knoxville donated more than 185 pounds of food this year – enough to feed 152 people! Second Harvest Food Bank is East Tennessee’s largest hunger-relief charity feeding thousands each year.

Houston and Chicago collect toiletries

One perk of staying in hotel rooms while flying trips is the mini-toiletries crew members can save to donate to those in need. Our teams in Houston and Chicago are collecting toiletries and basic hygiene essentials for SafePlace in Austin. SafePlace supports victims of sexual and domestic violence through safety, healing, prevention and social change. Toiletries donated this holiday season will help provide basic necessities for these victims.

Atlanta, Houston and Kansas City support Ronald McDonald House

The Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) supports families while they support their children fighting a major illness or injury. RMHC helps reduce financial strain on parents in an already difficult situation by providing room, board and necessities near the hospital for those traveling from out of town. They also help provide basic medical and dental care in a vulnerable community. Our teams in Atlanta, Houston and Kansas City area collecting toiletries, gently used luggage and coats, soda can pop tabs and pantry items for RMHC.

Kansas City base supports local Union Mission and Children’s Literacy Program

Our Kansas City base is also collecting tooth brushes and toothpaste to the support the Kansas City Union Mission, and dictionaries for the Children’s Literacy Program. The Union Mission supports the city’s homeless population by providing basic necessities, shelter and meals, and the Children’s Literacy Program promotes reading and literacy beginning in childhood.

Dulles team collects jackets for One Warm Coat

One Warm Coat started in 1992 and has since provided thousands of jackets to those in need, free of charge. Our Dulles base in Virginia is collecting new and gently used jackets and coats at the base to support this charity. Clean out your closets today and help someone in need make it through a cold winter!

Dallas collects winter weather gear for S.I.S.T.A.S.
Our Dallas base is collecting gently used jackets, gloves, scarves, hand warmers, blankets and socks for the local area homeless. S.I.S.T.A.S. is a non-profit organization that aims to empower women across all ethnic and socio-economic lines. Our Dallas team is partnering with the organization to keep those in need warm this winter.

How do you give back during the holidays, or all year long?


Airplane geeks are people who can’t take their eyes off an aircraft as it ascends. Even if they’ve seen those wheels lift off the runway a thousand times, there’s just something about the wonder of aviation that doesn’t fade for them. It’s why they collect model airplanes or consume aviation literature, even if they never get to see the inside of a flight deck. Last week, Vice President of Flight Operations Brad Sheehan gave aviation fanatics a taste of life at ExpressJet as the first airline guest ever on the wildly popular podcast, The Airplane Geeks.

This amazing opportunity wouldn’t have happened without one of our own airplane geeks, Atlanta-based First Officer Albert Menefee.

“I’ve been hooked on The Airplane Geeks since practically the beginning of the podcast,” said Albert. “I’m always looking for aviation knowledge, and The Airplane Geeks have such diverse discussions on areas of the industry, like history, that I never would have known otherwise.”

Started in 2008, The Airplane Geeks podcast was developed by a small group of enthusiasts with the singular goal to educate the world on all things aviation. Although their discussions on commercial, military and general aviation topics are both fascinating and informative, it’s their passion for the subject that’s truly contagious. It’s why Albert started listening in, and why he thought it would be great for ExpressJet to get involved.

“I’d seen airline employee podcasts before, but The Airplane Geeks is a huge aviation podcast with a great following and yet had never had a guest from an airline before. It seemed like a perfect fit for us.”

Albert sent an email to The Airplane Geeks producer asking for more information. He then reached out to ExpressJet’s communication team hoping to get the approval of the person he wanted to appear on the podcast the most – Brad.

“I was honored to be asked to join the Airplane Geeks podcast, because I am the biggest airplane geek,” said Brad. “As a leading regional airline, it’s important that we put ourselves out there so that we can inspire the next generation of aviation professionals. Albert came up with a great idea, and I was proud to be a part of it.”

During Brad’s podcast interview, he spoke about his journey to ExpressJet, the processes involved in running flight operations and the landscape for regional airlines in the industry. Brad’s discussion with The Airplane Geeks emphasized the way regionals work, why we exist and why we matter.

“ExpressJet needs to be a voice in the conversation,” said Brad. “We represent a large part of the industry and the starting grounds for aviation professionals. We are the regional experts, and we deserve to be heard in forums like this.”

Brad’s passionate about the subject, because, after all, he is an airplane geek. Like many of us, he lives and breathes aviation, and it’s that drive that will keep him innovating for ExpressJet.

As for Albert, his innovation also shows no signs of slowing down.

“I believe in this company,” said Albert. “As an airline, we’re doing this the right way, and that’s why I’ll always be motivated to come up with ideas that help make us better. We deserve the best.”

Click here to listen to the full podcast from Brad’s interview on The Airplane Geeks


First Officer Albert Menefee and Vice President of Flight Operations Brad Sheehan

For more information contact:
ExpressJet Corporate Communications
Business hours: 404-856-1199
After hours: 877-955-3989

ATLANTA — ExpressJet Airlines is the first part 121 passenger-carrying airline to receive Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval on an in-house Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certification training program (CTP).

The ATP CTP became a requirement on Aug. 1, 2014 for new pilots wanting to attain their ATP certification, which qualifies them to fly commercial aircraft. The CTP, which must be taken before a new pilot can take the ATP written test, is usually completed independently by an aspiring pilot and can cost around $5,000.

“We recognize the financial burden of the ATP CTP course on young pilots,” said Brad Sheehan, vice president – Flight Operations at ExpressJet Airlines. “By providing this course in-house during our new hire classes, we can offer not only the best training, but also ensure that top future pilots have access to that training.”

Members of ExpressJet’s Flight Operations Training department worked closely with the FAA to develop a training program that meets the rigorous requirements for ATP CTP certification. The course consists of four days of ground school – in-classroom course work – followed by three days of hands-on training in the flight training device and simulator. Successful completion of the course allows the candidate to take the ATP written exam.

“ExpressJet is consistently working to make our airline the best choice for aviators beginning their careers,” said Brad. “Being the first airline to achieve this certification speaks to the quality of our training and our commitment to fostering pilots – from students, through training, to careers at a regional and on to major airlines.”

The ATP CTP certification comes at a great time as ExpressJet has scheduled new hire classes for pilots in December. Potential candidates applying for these classes will not require a completed ATP CTP course or ATP written exam prior to applying. Instead, they can complete the seven-day CTP course offered by ExpressJet before beginning new hire training.

Please see the PDF version for the complete release.

ExpressJet is traveling to several of our Airline Pilot Pathway Program (AP3) partner schools to do on-site testing and interviews for current junior and senior AP3 students.

Successful completion to the 45-question knowledge test, based on the ATP written, and an in-person interview leads to a conditional job offer with ExpressJet Airlines. Students can attend any scheduled testing, even if it’s not at your school.

Click the testing date/location below to sign up. Times and locations for each testing date are updated on the registration site. More dates will be added soon, so check back often!

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