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Our New Year’s Resolution was to educate, engage and empower future pilots, and we’re sticking to it!  As we grow our existing outreach programs to meet qualified candidates across the country, we’re adding an innovative approach to determine what aviators value in their job search: the Smart 16 bracket.

ExpressJet is hosting our own version of the March Madness Tournament as a fun way for you to share what is most important to you when determining where to begin your aviation career. We’ve come up with 16 of the best reasons ExpressJet is a great place to start your career, and we want to know which reason matters most to YOU!

Two ways to play:

  • Online: Visit and “vote” on each matchup to choose which company advantage is most important to you.
  • In Person: You can download the bracket at, then snap a photo of your completed bracket (or scan the document) and email it to with March Madness as the subject line. Please include your full name.

Rules: Anyone is welcome to enter, but you must be 18 to win. Current ExpressJet employees are encouraged to play, but are not eligible to receive prize packages. Two grand prize winners will be selected randomly from all completed entries.

Tournament Timeline: The Smart 16 campaign will run from Feb. 2-March 30, and brackets can be completed at any time during the campaign to be entered to win.

We will host a series of eight “games” on Tuesdays and Thursdays in March. The topic with the most votes at the time of its matchup will be named the “winner.” The tournament schedule is below:


Thursday, Mar. 3 Training –or– Recognition
Tuesday, Mar. 8 Culture –or– Industry-Leading Technology
Thursday, Mar. 10 Stability –or– Diversity
Tuesday, Mar. 15 Performance –or– Flexible Schedule
Thursday, Mar. 17 Quality of Life –or– Flying for the Big 3
Tuesday, Mar. 22 Work Rules –or– Commuting Policies
Thursday, Mar. 24 Career Progression–or– Experience
Tuesday, Mar. 29 Family –or– Engaged Leaders


ExpressJet’s pilot recruiting team will use the results to share more information relevant to the topics players are most interested in. Share your vote on your personal social media accounts to encourage your family and friends to participate. Good luck!

Polk State AP3 students show off their CJOs!

Polk State AP3 students show off their CJOs!

ExpressJet’s Airline Pilot Pathway Program, more commonly known as AP3, provides a clear path for students from our partner schools to the right seat at ExpressJet. More than 600 students are now part of AP3, so we wanted to take a minute to share answers to a few common questions about the program:

What is AP3?
The Airline Pilot Pathway Program, AP3, is a partnership between ExpressJet, select flight schools and universities, and students in the program. At its core, AP3 is a mentorship-based educational program that gives students a highly structured path through school, building hours as a CFI, to a career at ExpressJet.

What are the benefits?
In addition to an early interview that leads to a conditional job offer (CJO) and guaranteed job after program completion, students are assigned a mentor, an ExpressJet EPIC Ambassador who is a current pilot that can help answer questions, offer advice and be a resource for the student.

If I join AP3, do I have to go to ExpressJet?
Nope. We offer desirable bases, industry-leading training and great work rules, but sometimes ExpressJet isn’t the right fit. We understand that, and we’re here to help you make the best decision for YOU, even if it’s not us.

What does the AP3 path look like?
Each school’s agreement is slightly different, but in general here’s the path you can expect:

  1. Join AP3 (any time from freshman year to CFI)
  2. Complete AP3 testing after earning your instrument rating (our new hire pilot interview) and receive a conditional job offer (CJO)
  3. Maintain good grades and a clean record
  4. Gain experience as a CFI to meet your ATP or R-ATP required hours (remember, you’ll gain 40+ hours in training, so it can actually be a bit less)
  5. Work with your EPIC mentor to help make the smart choice for YOUR future
  6. Complete an application at when you’re within six months of reaching your ATP or R-ATP minimums
  7. Select a date to start your ATP CTP class, paid for by ExpressJet, then start new hire training at ExpressJet (all training is paid)
  8. Fly passengers as an ExpressJet first officer!

What is a CJO?
A CJO, or conditional job offer, means you’ve passed the AP3 version of our new hire interview (congrats!). As long as you complete all the other requirements of the program, like keeping your nose clean, keeping your grades up, earning your hours and gaining experience as a CFI, you’re guaranteed a job at ExpressJet when you’re ready to start. And you don’t even have to complete another interview.

What is an EPIC Ambassador/Mentor?
EPIC (ExpressJet Pilots Inspiring Careers) Ambassadors are current ExpressJet pilots who volunteer their time to mentor AP3 students. Each student is assigned a mentor when they join AP3. Your mentor will reach out to you periodically, and we encourage you to use them as a resource. They’re there to answer questions, offer advice and be a contact for you in the industry. Remember, they’ve all been in your shoes – usually at your school!

What schools participate?
We partner with more than 50 top universities and flight schools. You can find the full list at

What’s the catch?
There is no catch! Our motto in recruiting is “educate, engage, empower” and AP3 helps us fulfill those goals. It costs nothing to sign up, you’re not required to come to ExpressJet, and you get a leg up on your career.

How do I sign up?
If you’re in the aviation program at a partner university, click here to register to become part of the AP3 program.

Feel free to email me, Peter Ryan, at, or Captain Joey Cook,, with any questions about AP3.

Our friends at Polk State College wrote this great article about our first seven AP3 students who received conditional job offers to join ExpressJet after finishing their training. You can read the original article here.

From left, ExpressJet First Officer Dano Pebler, Captain Joey Cook, Polk State Aerospace students Aaron Poidevin, Eric Martin, John Reichert, Nathan Calhoun, ExpressJet First Officer Peter Ryan, and First Officer Jack Eastes. A total of seven Polk State Aerospace students were extended conditional job offers during ExpressJet's first hiring visit to the College last week.

From left, ExpressJet First Officer Dano Pebler, ExpressJet Captain Joey Cook, Polk State Aerospace students Aaron Poidevin, Eric Martin, John Reichert, Nathan Calhoun, ExpressJet First Officer Peter Ryan, and First Officer Jack Eastes. A total of seven Polk State Aerospace students were extended conditional job offers during ExpressJet’s first hiring visit to the College last week.

Seven Polk State Aerospace students now know where they will land after graduation: in jobs with ExpressJet, one of the world’s largest regional airlines.

“It’s a relief. Two years ago, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. Now I’m about to have a degree, and I have a job waiting for me when I’m done. It’s an awesome feeling,” said John Reichert, a Lakeland resident pursuing his Associate in Science in Professional Pilot Science degree.

In fall 2015, Polk State College partnered with ExpressJet to become one of about 50 colleges and universities in the nation participating in ExpressJet’s Airline Pilot Pathway Program, or AP3 for short. AP3 extends numerous benefits to students, including preferential hiring benefits.

Last week, ExpressJet made its first hiring visit to Polk State. All seven students who applied to the airline received conditional job offers.

ExpressJet First Officer and Pilot Recruiter Peter Ryan said he could not have been more impressed with the way Polk State students performed during the interview process.

“To be quite honest, the word exceptional comes to mind. The students did a fantastic job and the staff was immediately asking for feedback, which shows they care about the quality of the students. That’s why we’re so happy to be partnering with Polk State,” Ryan said.

In all of 2015, 54 students nationwide were extended job offers through AP3.

“I couldn’t speak any more highly of Polk State’s program. We partner with schools 10 times the size of Polk State, and we don’t get seven interviews, let alone seven for seven being hired,” Ryan said.

Ryan added that Polk State students are particularly knowledgeable in safety issues.

The seven students must first accumulate 1,500 flight hours. Then they will enter ExpressJet’s new-hire training. Upon completion of that training, they will begin their careers as first officers, also known as co-pilots. Ryan said the natural progression is for co-pilots to become captains with ExpressJet, and for captains to move on to positions with major carriers.

“We’re seeing all the work we’ve been doing start to pay off,” said Aaron Poidevin, a Plant City resident who will graduate with hisBachelor of Science in Aerospace Sciences this fall. “It’s a great feeling. It gives you a goal to work toward.”

In addition to Reichert and Poidevin, students receiving conditional job offers include:

  • Nathan Calhoun of Lake Wales
  • Dillon Kraushaar of Lakeland
  • Eric Martin of Valrico
  • Matthew Pickett of Winter Haven
  • Tyler Rahman of Lakeland

Polk State Aerospace Program Director Eric Crump expressed his pride in seeing each of the first student-applicants be hired by ExpressJet.

“We thoughtfully entered into a partnership with ExpressJet last semester because we were really impressed with their company, their people, and their culture. Our students wanted to be a part of that, and now seven of them are already on their way,” he said.

“We work hard to build aerospace professionals. We offer relevant classroom and flight instruction based on industry input from innovative companies, including ExpressJet. It thrills me to see that training validated with jobs for our students, especially when it’s 100 percent of our students who apply.”


Polk State Aerospace offers the Associate of Science in Professional Pilot Science, the Associate of Science in Aerospace Administration, and the Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Sciences, which has concentrations in both Pilot Science and Administration.


ExpressJet is committed to celebrating and recognizing our people, and fostering education and careers in aviation. As part of this commitment, ExpressJet supports groups who share the same goals, including the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals (OBAP), Women in Aviation (WIA), the Latino Pilots Association (LPA) and the National Gay Pilots Association (NGPA).


NGPA has a long-standing history in the aviation community. Founded in 1990 as a social networking group for the LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] community in aviation, it’s now grown into an organization with thousands of members and focuses on advocacy work, community outreach and partnerships with colleges and aviation groups. The organization also has a 501(c)3 non-profit scholarship fund that has given more than $240,000 to aviation students who support or consider themselves part of the LGBT community. For the first time in 2016, they have several corporate scholarships and expect to increase giving.


“Our mission is to promote aviation careers, education and advocacy within the LGBT community and the greater aviation community,” said David Pettet, executive director NGPA. “If we can help one person feel comfortable in pursuing their dream, one pilot get hired, one airline get super pilots to work for them – we’ve done our job.”


Times have changed significantly since the first NGPA meetings where the small group of members went by first names only and met ‘off the radar’ to protect their careers. Today, many airlines, including ExpressJet, recruit at NGPA events, and look to NGPA for guidance on how to best support our people.


“The different backgrounds our people bring to their roles makes this company great. Working with NGPA helps us better support and celebrate our team members, and focus on future aviators through the organization’s dedication to education,” said Denise Harvill, vice president – People Resources.


The organization hosts two annual events, in September and January, which include educational classes, a career fair, and plenty of opportunities for networking. ExpressJet Pilot Recruiting sponsored the first annual 5k race at Cape Cod in September, and will be presenting at the Winter Warm-Up in Palm Springs, Calif., this week. 


“ExpressJet looks for the best and brightest pilots when we’re recruiting,” said Brad Sheehan, senior vice president – Flight Operations. “We’re proud to partner with organizations like NGPA, which focuses on education, safety and growth in aviation, to ensure we attract the highest quality pilots.”


“We’ve seen significant growth in NGPA over the last couple of years, and hope to continue that trend as our industry becomes more open and accepting,” said David. “It starts with airlines like ExpressJet who truly value equality.”


If you would like to join or learn more about NGPA, visit




Hello 2016!

As we begin a new year, we set new goals for ourselves at ExpressJet. This year, our primary goal in Pilot Recruiting is to strengthen our efforts to educate, engage and empower young aviators.

“For us, recruiting is about more than finding a candidate to fill a job opening,” said Courtney Dennis, manager – Pilot Recruitment & Hiring. “Our pilot recruiters are all ExpressJet pilots themselves and have a wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm and passion that we want to share with the future of our industry. Educate, engage, empower means that we take the time to talk to you about the industry, share relevant news and information, offer programs that help you grow in your career, and give you the tools and resources to begin your dream job.”

Our 2016 Goals:


At ExpressJet, we take pride in providing resources, information and mentorship to future pilots. In 2016 we’re adding new programs that provide you with information about your career. We have two new programs launching this month to give future aviators a leg-up on their career:

  • Aviation Career Presentation Series: We’re teaming up with our major airline partners to visit your schools to present on a number of topics, beginning with Career Progression. Pilots from ExpressJet and Delta, United or JetBlue will share their stories, talk about how to achieve your career goals and answer your questions.
  • Career Info Sessions: As we travel around the country for on-site interviews, we’ve added career info sessions for pilots not yet ready to begin their careers. In these info sessions, we’ll walk you through a mock interview, review your resume and answer questions about life as a pilot.


In 2016, we aim to grow our existing outreach programs to meet, support and mentor future aviators. It’ll be tough to top our student outreach in 2015, but we know we can do it! Here are a few 2015 outreach highlights:


We know that you have a lot of choices in where to begin your career, and we’re committed to helping you make the smart choice for YOU (even if it’s not ExpressJet!). To make this important decision, you need to know everything an airline has to offer. In 2016, we will make that information more readily available for you through a specialized website focused on pilot careers at ExpressJet.

What are your 2016 goals?

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