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University and Flight School Partnerships

ExpressJet partners with select universities and flight schools through our Airline Pilot Pathway Program, or AP3, to provide a clear pathway for students to a career as a pilot at ExpressJet. After being accepted into the program, students must complete the AP3’s highly structured and competitive requirements throughout their student career, serve as a flight instructor, then are offered a guaranteed interview or position as a first officer at ExpressJet, as well as a possible interview with Delta Air Lines later in their career.

Below are the universities and flight schools that ExpressJet partners with through our AP3 program. Click any title to go to the school’s website.

Graduates from the following schools are guaranteed a job with ExpressJet upon completion of the AP3 program requirements: 

Completion of the AP3 program at the following schools guarantees an interview with ExpressJet Airlines:

ExpressJet Pilot Internship Program

A paid internship with ExpressJet Airlines will not only enhance your studies, but also provide an educational experience that you can’t find in the classroom. As a pilot intern, you will gain valuable hands-on experience in a professional setting, while learning the ins and outs of an airline operation and expanding your industry knowledge. Check out more details below.

ExpressJet offers internships each semester, with potential to intern at any of our crew base locations, our company headquarters in Atlanta, Ga., or our training facilities in Houston, Texas. Our interns can contribute to projects in Flight Operations, Flight Training, Flight Standards, Pilot Recruiting, or Flight Safety, with the possibility of attending a ground school class or experiencing the flight simulator. Internships are paid,  provides exposure to many facets of the company and provides a full educational experience.

What we Look for in an Intern
We look for intern candidates who are eager to learn and grow in their aviation skills and knowledge. Below are some of the qualifications of a top intern candidate:

  • Must be enrolled at a four-year college or university
  • Juniors or seniors preferred, but students enrolled in master’s programs may also apply
  • Must have a commercial multi-engine certificate with an instrument rating
  • Ability to maintain discretion and confidentiality when dealing with sensitive information
  • Strong knowledge and application of Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Internship Dates
Exact dates are determined by the student’s University semester. Each internship lasts for approximately 15 weeks.

  • Spring semester: January – May; Application due Oct. 1
  • Summer semester: May – August; Application due March 1
  • Fall semester: September – December; Application due July 15

How to Apply
If you’re interested in a paid pilot internship with ExpressJet, send a resume and cover letter to pilotrecruiting@expressjet.com and complete an online application at www.AirlineApps.com. There is no application fee if you only apply to ExpressJet. After submitting your application, contact your Aviation Career Services counselor, who will notify our intern program coordinator. Letters of recommendation from faculty are also encouraged.

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