Airline Pilot Pathway Program

ExpressJet’s Airline Pilot Pathway Program (AP3) is designed to give students a highly structured path through school, building hours as a CFI, to a career at ExpressJet. In addition to an early interview that leads to a guaranteed job after program completion, students are assigned a mentor, an ExpressJet EPIC Ambassador who is a current pilot that can help answer questions, offer advice and be a resource for the student throughout training. We partner with top colleges, universities and flight schools to develop a customized program aimed at developing the highest quality pilots.

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The AP3 Community

AP3 is designed to provide students with the highest quality education and training, but its goal is greater than that. We hope to create a community of top aviators and future pilots through the EPIC Ambassador mentor program, AP3 newsletters and the AP3 Graduate Yearbook.

AP3 Newsletter

The AP3 Newsletter is sent each month to all of our current AP3 students and past graduates to keep everyone up-to-date on the latest program news and more.

AP3 Resources

Below you’ll find resources designed for current AP3 students, including the AP3 welcome packet, FAQs and more.

AP3 Partner Schools

ExpressJet partners with select universities and flight schools to provide a clear pathway for students to a career as a pilot at ExpressJet. After being accepted into the program, students must complete the AP3’s highly structured and competitive requirements throughout their student career, serve as a flight instructor, then are offered a guaranteed interview or position as a first officer at ExpressJet.

Below are the universities and flight schools that ExpressJet partners with through our AP3 program.

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