United Pilot Career Path Program

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Your future at United begins with ExpressJet.

United Airlines and ExpressJet have partnered together to offer our pilots a clear path to a Flight Officer position at United through the United Pilot Career Path Program.

United is committed to hiring 25% new hire pilots directly from successful ExpressJet PCPP participants. In 2017, 26.5% of United new hires have come from the ExpressJet CPP. By the end of 2019, United expects to hire a significant number of ExpressJet PCPP pilots based on pilot retirement projections alone.


Learn about the PCPP directly from ExpressJet pilots.

Here's how the program works.




Program Overview +

What is the United Pilot Career Path Program?+

The United Pilot Career Path Program offers a path to United for qualified ExpressJet ERJ pilots, subject to the full terms and limitations of the CPP. This program offers a Flight Officer position at United, pending successful completion of an interview at United and fulfilling all established criteria and program requirements.

What is a pathway?+

For so long as ExpressJet supports United’s operations, United has committed to hiring 25% of its new hire pilots each year from program participants at ExpressJet. Pilots in our CRJ operation who do not support United Express operations will still be given the same opportunity to apply, interview and be hired by United as before this program through the traditional method. ERJ pilots may also be selected through the traditional application and selection method.

How does the program work for a new hire pilot?+

To be accepted into the United Pilot Career Path Program, new hire pilots must complete four simple steps:

  1. Interview and be hired by ExpressJet into an eligible pilot position (currently our ERJ fleet)
  2. Complete United’s Personality Inventory Test after training
  3. Interview with United representatives
  4. Fly with the best at ExpressJet until your United slot comes up
  5. Begin your dream job at United

The process for current pilots is the same, though the timeline will vary.


Who is eligible?+

All ExpressJet pilots who support, or are qualified to support, our United Express operation are eligible. Currently, all United Express operations are supported by our ERJ fleet. The PCPP complements our already-strong hiring relationship with United. We expect to continue to see CRJ pilots hired by United outside of the United Pilot Career Path Program.

How are candidates selected to move to United?+

Movement to and employment by United will be in seniority order of those who apply and are eligible for the program, and who remain in the program in good standing with all program requirements for an established period of time.

Why will I have to complete an interview?+

Both ExpressJet and United expect pilots to continually develop in their careers, and we believe that knowing you’ll interview for a position encourages self-improvement while still giving our pilots the best career progression opportunities.

Does this impact the JetBlue University and Advanced Gateway Programs?+

While ExpressJet pilots will have to choose which program to pursue, the JetBlue Gateways are still available to all eligible team members.

How is the PCPP different from other airline flow or pathway programs?+

Once a participant joins the PCPP, no further structured interview is required. As long as United is hiring pilots, participants who maintain eligibility criteria will be offered conditional employment at United, subject to minimum and maximum limits set forth in the Agreement.

Do I have to participate in the PCPP to fly for ExpressJet?+

No. Participation in the PCPP is strictly voluntary.

What does the future hold for pilot hiring at United Airlines?+

On average, United will need to replace at minimum 300 pilots retiring at age 65 per year for the next 20 years. This does not account for potential growth or shrinkage of the airline.

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