Australian E-3 Visa Pilots

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ExpressJet is hiring Australian pilots through the E-3 Visa Program.

Australian pilots: Looking to begin your airline career with an all-jet fleet? Apply to ExpressJet Airlines as a First Officer through the E-3 Visa Program.

Pilots can apply to the E-3 Visa Program through the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services government agency.  

Join the ExpressJet Airlines team
When you join a leader in the U.S. regional airline industry, you'll belong to an exceptional, highly-trained team of first-class pilots, a tight-knit community of aviation professionals dedicated to each other, and an organization focused on the future of its people. At ExpressJet Airlines, we believe our people are our greatest asset, and their future is our greatest investment. 

Strong partnerships with major U.S. airlines
We are proud regional partners for two legacy U.S. carriers: United Airlines and American Airlines.

All-jet fleet, serving more than 160 airports in the U.S., Canada, Caribbean and Mexico
Our fleet consists of Embraer ERJ145s, Bombardier CRJ700s and Bombardier CRJ900s, operating nearly 1,000 flights every day.

Base locations across the United States
Our crew domiciles are located in Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, and Newark. Thanks to our generous commuting policies, pilots can also live anywhere in the United States.

Professional airline career development
We believe in developing your career as a pilot through tailored in-house training programs, a strong safety culture, and providing career progression opportunities. Pilots can build their professional aviation career with ExpressJet Airlines or take advantage of our pathway programs to United Airlines and JetBlue Airways. 

How to join ExpressJet Airlines as an Australian pilot
ExpressJet Airlines offers a streamlined process of recruiting, hiring and onboarding Australian pilot candidates to join our team. Pilots who are offered a First Officer position can expect to begin training in a minimum of 60 days.

Pilot candidates must:

  1. Apply online to a First Officer position at
  2. Provide your Paperwork/Hours/Qualifications/Degree Verification/Logbooks/Licenses
  3. Interview with ExpressJet Airlines
  4. Receive a formal job offer
  5. Receive Labor Condition Application Approval (LCA)
  6. Complete E-3 Visa documentation
  7. Schedule an appointment with a local U.S. Consulate for E-3 Visa Interview
  8. Travel to the U.S. to begin training as an ExpressJet Airlines First Officer

ExpressJet Airlines will provide support for each candidate during this process through our Flight Operations Department and People Department.

E-3 Visa Resources for Australian Pilots

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