Australian Pilot E-3 Visa Program

Australian E-3 Visa Program

Opportunity Awaits with ExpressJet's E-3 Visa Program

Australian pilots, looking to grow your career by flying on behalf of one of the world's largest and most iconic airlines? Apply to ExpressJet Airlines, a United Express carrier, as a First Officer through our E-3 Visa Program.

Why ExpressJet
At ExpressJet, you'll belong to an exceptional, highly-trained team of first-class pilots, a tight-knit community of aviation professionals dedicated to each other, and an organization focused on the future of its people. We believe in developing your career as a pilot through tailored in-house training programs, a strong safety culture, and by providing career progression opportunities.

We offer:

  • Support of an ExpressJet E-3 Program liaison to help navigate your transition to the U.S.
  • In-house training at our Houston, Texas, training complex, where we operate our own ERJ145 and E175 full-motion flight simulators
  • Competitive health and wellness insurance plans
  • Travel privileges on United Airlines and participating global carriers
  • The option to live in base or the U.S. city of your choice
  • Highly competitive pay and top quality of life
  • Paid training with single-occupancy hotel accommodations

ExpressJet flies an all-jet fleet of Embraer ERJ145 aircraft and is growing with 25 new Embraer E175s and more than 600 new pilots in 2019. Our crew domiciles are located in Chicago, Illinois; Cleveland, Ohio; Houston, Texas; Knoxville, Tennessee; and Newark, New Jersey. 

We’re ready for you
ExpressJet offers a simple process of recruiting, hiring and on-boarding Australian pilot candidates to join our team. 

  1. Apply for a First Officer position at or
  2. Interview with ExpressJet and provide any requested or necessary documentation
  3. ExpressJet will initiate the Visa process for you, which generally takes two to four weeks to complete
  4. Travel to the U.S. to begin training as an ExpressJet First Officer!

Our team will support you throughout the Visa application process. We also pay the expenses associated with your Visa application.

Learn More

To learn more about applying to ExpressJet Airlines through the E-3 Visa Program, contact, or complete the form below: