Company Information

ExpressJet Airlines has been a scheduled airline for over 33 years and has operated as United Express, Delta Connection, American Eagle and as a standalone carrier. The airline is certified currently under FAR Part 121 as a Domestic, Flag and Supplemental Carrier flying EMB145-LRs and EMB145-XRs in Passenger and Cargo, IFR/VFR, Day/Night operations and currently flies to Canada, Mexico and the Continental United States and has other route authority beyond the US.

ExpressJet has operated all variations of the most popular Embraer and Bombardier regional aircraft. Including the following:

  • ERJ145 (LR/XR)
  • ERJ135
  • E175s
  • EMB120
  • CRJ200 / CRJ700 / CRJ900
  • ATR42 / ATR72

As an airline that has operated more than 400 aircraft (#4 airline by aircraft – globally – in 2011), its manuals, procedures, processes, systems, safety and underlying structure reflects is strength and capabilities.

Capability Summary

  • ATL based headquarters near Hartsfield with easy access and professional relationship with the ATL FAA Certificate Management Office.
  • Adequate parts, support inventory and equipment for ERJ145 maintenance.
  • Over 15 years of ExpressJet certificate experience for each position required under FAR Part 119 for the five principals.
  • Industry executives with experience in fee for departure and standalone airline models.
  • Experience with all popular models of regional aircraft.


  • ExpressJet is a privately held Delaware registered LLC

Technical Capabilities

ExpressJet has the following approvals or authority from the FAA:

  • AQP carrier – (Advanced Qualification Program) Voluntary alternative to the traditional regulatory requirements under CFR 14, Parts 121 for pilot training and checking.
  • CAT II Certified carrier
  • Digital authority for electronic signatures and EFBs for flight crews.
  • Approval of an Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP CTP)
  • Special airport authority qualification ability (i.e. Vail, CO).

ExpressJet’s commitment to Safety and programs include:

  • FAA Approved Part 5 Safety Management System (SMS) in September 2017
  • Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP) for Pilots, Inflight, Dispatch, and Tech Ops
  • Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) using GE Aviation for data analysis and CEFA for visualization
  • Fatigue Risk Management for Pilots and Flight Attendance using SAFTE-FAST for fatigue data analysis
  • Member of the Flight Safety Foundation, Member of ASIAS, Listed on the IATA Operation Safety Audit Registry
  • Internal Evaluation Program (IEP)

ExpressJet’s Maintenance Department has:

  • Full-function reliability program which allows for escalations beyond Manufacturers programs
  • TRAX and AirVault maintenance and records systems
  • Deep vendor relationships for Embraer and Bombardier products
  • Ability and experience to perform in-house heavy checks

Route Authority and Current Areas of Operation:

  • US
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Bahamas
  • Belize
  • Dominican Republic
  • Grand Cayman Islands
  • Jamaica
  • Turks & Caicos